Tuesday 15 October 2019

The Kitchen Lab

Working with our speakers to tell their stories is one of the most rewarding aspects of being at INK.  They open up their stories, their professional lives, their dreams, their difficulties and sometimes they even open up their homes.  

On my last trip to the US, I got to stay at the home of Dr. Ramesh Rao and his wife Malati. They were perfect hosts and made me feel totally at home.  After the meetings, I had an extra day.  I chose to stay at home and catch up on my calls while they went to work.  Malati jokingly mentioned that this was Ramesh’s kitchen and that I would find anything I needed easily to make myself a meal at home.  And she was right.  It was so easy to find anything I needed as everything was in its logical place. It’s by no means a humongous kitchen but every space was extremely well utilized.

Ramesh has done a lot of work at the intersection of health, tech, nutrition, yoga, exercise – all aspects that contribute to our total well being.  And a tour of his kitchen tells volumes about him.

On the kitchen counter, there was a jar of yummy almond flour cookies made by Ramesh; in the fridge, there were organic vegetables and fruits; the sliding cupboards were neatly stacked with lentils, grains, rice, and spices; the cooking dishes were neatly placed; the cutting knives were of the best quality and there was even a food weighing machine to measure how much you eat.  The exterior looks deceptively bare holding inside more than you can imagine. 

And that is exactly how Ramesh is in person.  His quiet demeanor hides deep knowledge. He is precise in describing the process so that there is no confusion in expectations. Moreover, he possesses the ability to bring completely different disciplines under one roof to bring the best results.  Enjoy a journey through Ramesh’s kitchen that’s a reflection of his scientific approach, his attention to detail, his sense of aesthetics and his commitment to his nutrition.  And more importantly, a quiet elegance that makes you feel at home!


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