Thursday 28 February 2013

Billionaires of Moments: Keeping the memory alive to make way for positive change

After the heart breaking Delhi gang-rape incident in December and ahead of my TED2013 talk I felt that I must do something. 

Don't Forget Do Something
I launched Billionaires of Moments last week, and entries started pouring in from all over the world.
The whole idea of Billionaires of Moments is to recognize moments that need to be remembered. A reminder of incidents both great and gory. The current edition is to pay homage to the young rape victim from Delhi.

We want to capture the reactions this incident evoked around the world. While we find ways to personal safety, WE MUST NEVER FORGET this incident.

I am sure that if we not let this incident slip out of our conscience, then change will definitely happen. Here is a growing crowd-sourced collection of such moments. It is important that we express ourselves, may it be through our own words or words from someone else. Our effort is to magnify every moment -- your feelings, your reactions, your thoughts and actions.
Please take a moment to submit your thoughts and go through the submissions of others.
Warm regards,
Lakshmi Pratury

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