Monday 12 November 2018

First INK Talks in Hyderabad from Nov 30

Hyderabad: After eight successful years of organising conference, INK Talks is all set to host its first grand conference in Hyderabad from November 30 to December 2. With the theme Billionaires of Moments, the multi-disciplinary conference will be held for the first time in Hyderabad and will have 500 plus people from different genres to accelerate innovation and create impact.
Along with the talk, the conference will also have workshops, performances, culinary experience and wellbeing lounge.
“This is the first time in the last eight years, that we have added two new experiences for our attendees. Other than talks from thought leaders, the conference will have workshops and interactive sessions along with traditional performances from local artists. We are going to have 12-13 workshops on difference themes ranging from social to technological. We are also inviting 20 young INK fellows to the conference and we will have speakers not only from India but outside India as well,” Lakshmi Pratury, CEO, INK Talks told Telangana Today.
In addition, the conference will also have talks in regional languages ranging from Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali and Hindi. And this year, according to Pratury, is a pivotal year for INK Talks as it will start a year-long engagement on emerging topics and they would like to also engage with the changemakers so as to make an impact in the society.
On the theme of the conference, Pratury said, “While on the one hand India is giving birth to more and more rich people year-on-year, there are also wide gap between the rich and poor. So, we thought that rather defining success in terms of money why cannot we measure it in terms of impact created. And that is how we have curated the speakers who are successful but not only financially but are also making great impact on the society through their success. We have got a lot of support from the Telangana government and that is how we decided to host our conference here in Hyderabad this year.”
(Originally an interview with Telangana Today posted on 1st November 2018) 
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