Wednesday 25 January 2012

A host who made us feel at home

I am always amazed by the kindness that surrounds us.When my friend Asha and I decided to go to World 
Economic Forum at Davos, she rented an apartment from a young professional, Chris. It is  a beautiful two 
bedroom apartment that overlooks the train tracks and mountain slopes. 

What he did totally unasked for .. is what truly touched me. He offered to drive to Munich to pick us up and take us to Davos. Mind you! It is a 3.5 hour drive each way. It was not just the driving but the way he took care of each detail was truly touching. He came to Munich on 24th night and we all left on 25th am to Davos.  He made rest room stops, meal stops at the right intervals without even asking. The most amusing stop for me was the lunch stop at “Marche”. This is a strange combination of fashion clothing store, rest rooms, spectacular café with splendid displays of fruits and salads – all under one roof. To top it all off, at the entry there is a fenced off area with a small shed in which there were live goats. As soon as you enter the building, you are greeted by mannequins displaying fashionable clothing flanked by a water wheel right behind. To the left of the mannequin is the clothing store and to the right is the café. This mix of country and chic was rather amusing.  After a quick lunch, we drove to Davos witnessing mounds of snow either side of the freeway. As we drove on the road flanked by snow, I felt as though we were entering a silent zone. The snow hung off the ceiling off the houses so precariously that I wondered how it stayed up. Chris told us that there are instances when an avalanche from the roof could hurt a passer by if you are not watching. After seeing my woeful shoes, he insisted on loaning me his girl friend’s boots. He stocked the fridge with the essentials and drove us to the grocery store to buy the rest. Only after we were completely settled in, he took off leaving us at his home. Chris could have just lent us his home, collected the cash and walked away. Instead, he made us feel at home and sown the seeds for a long term friendship.

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