Wednesday 25 January 2012

A simple hello made my day

I went for my usual run at the English Garden.  The weather was crisp, the lawns were green and the sun was shining.  It was a gorgeous day. It felt great to run despite the cool air causing a nose freeze! I had to walk at times because the roads were a bit icy. 

As I was coming back to the hotel, I met a tall man in a green jacket at the exit of the park. He was just walking in and said something in German.  I did nor understand I told him “only English”. Then, he said that it was really good that I was running in this cold.  And then he asked if I was from India. When I said “yes”, he asked where I lived and I said “Bangalore". He said he had traveled for 7 months across India and that he thought that Indians were really friendly people. He said that he was going to be back as it was one of the best trips he has ever taken.

Here we were two people from two continents and he could have simply walked past me. But then, he stopped and said something pleasant and it has made all the difference to have a wonderful day past the interaction. We have something in common that we love and that’s all it takes. I told him that I loved Germany too and we parted ways. How simple life is … really! All it takes is a kind word and a smile.

Munich English garden on Jan 24th 2012

Munich English garden... covered in snow

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